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Dear coffee friends,


The server/cup set from LilyDrip is ready, they are named AROMA SEEKER.


They all have spherical room, good for spinning the brewed they contain.


An unique bump inside the glass server will help you mix the freshly brewed coffee evenly, without a spoon;

The mini LilyDrip built inside the ceramic cup will maximum the aroma.


When we finish the extraction of a cup of 220 ml brewed on the AROMA SEEKER server, we shake the server directly to make brewed hit the internal bump, and the brewed will be fully mixed without using a spoon;

Pour about 15ml of brewed into the AROMA SEEKER cup, shake it gently, make the brewed hit the mini LilyDrip, aroma will be maximum stimulated, inside the AROMA SEEKER cup; When you take the cup close to your mouth, your nose will be very close to the cup, and you will smell the clear aroma. At the same time, your lips will be slightly extended, and you will sip the brewed into your mouth and taste it.


Yes, tasting coffee with a AROMA SEEKER cup is very similar with cupping. The difference is that your sense of smell is satisfied at the same time.


Enjoy coffee with AROMA SEEKER has become my daily choice, and I am very happy to share them with you finally.


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