White Ceramic Donut Pourover Accessory

Flow Rate: Very Fast

Side Flow: Equal

Bottom Exit Size: Large

**Hint** The faster the flow rate, the lighter the body will be



LilyDrip Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Maker Set Makes Coffee Taste Better, Hand Drip Coffee Maker Brews Evenly with Better Extraction, Coffee Dripper Set Improves Flow Rate, Fits V60, Origami – DONUT

  • The item include a ceramic DONUT (Filter support) and a plastic CFS (Compact Filter Shaper), packed with a white paper box.
  • 8 ribs is making more bypass from a higher level, the cup will be sweet.
  • In 2019, Ms. Shih Yuan Hsu was placed 5th at WBrC 2019 final with DONUT, and she named it.
  • In 2020, Mr. Giorgio Visitacion won Philippines’s Brewers Cup 2020 with DONUT.


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