LilyDrip Family 2021


Great for a present or gift! LilyDrip Family Set contains all of the LilyDrip accessories.

LilyDrip Set Contains:

1 LilyDrip

1 Donut

1 Starflower




**Hint** The faster the flow rate, the lighter the body taste will be


LilyDrip Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Maker Set – 4 Piece Ceramic Drippers, Hand Drip Coffee Maker Brews More Evenly with Better Extraction, Coffee Dripper Set Improves Flow Rate, Fits V60, Origami – KIT

  • 4 PIECE SET: This pour over coffee set includes 4 filter supports; LILY, STARFLOWER, DONUT, and COS. Each model produces a different flow rate speed & allows you to experiment and create multiple flavors to suit your different taste buds
  • SWEET ZONE: Our ceramic coffee dripper evens out the depth of your coffee grounds, making sure the center area isn’t much deeper than the outer ring. Keeps your grounds in the “sweet zone” which is the depth that leads to the best extraction & flavor
  • CONSISTENT TASTE: Our LilyDrip pour over coffee maker set allows you to experiment with brew time & grind setting to create multiple types of flavor using the same bean while keeping the taste consistent with each serving. The perfect add-on for coffee lovers
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST FILTERS: The pour over ceramic coffee dripper ​can be used with different types of filters to add extra flavor to any coffee. It’s compatible with big brands such as Hario V60, and Origami. The ideal tool to experiment with your coffee on a daily basi
  • STORY OF LILYDRIP: One day, Lily, a little girl from China, dropped a glass marble into her Dad’s cone brewer, claiming, “It will make a better coffee’.” It actually did! Thanks to her, we now have Lilydrip. A simple, powerful coffee accessories tool to enhance your coffee experience


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